Sunday, August 30, 2009


Not wanting the distraction of GPS, but needing to know my heading, I did the usual trick of adding a boat compass. With no where to mount it besides above the headlamp, I tried it there and couldn't be more pleased. I may not know where I am, but at least I know which way I am pointing.

Pennyfarthing II

This is the once red ST that you see below, all put back together. It is almost as if I kept the original Pennyfarthing and swapped out the undersides. There is a bit a truth to that: The seat, the shelter and the top case are all from the old Pennyfarthing. The rest of the plastic is all new, paid for by the insurance claim after JC Motors dropped the bike in transport. If you look closely you can see the reason I went to all the trouble.

I have to say that the three-pot ABS makes all the difference in feel and stopping ease. I like the linked brakes very much, and after many practice stops, believe I can now confidently stop much faster than with the old two-pot standard brakes. Rear dragging around sharp slow corners doesn't seem to have suffered at all. Click on the image for a closer view, also notice the compass protruding from above the headlamp. Brand new Avon Storms on this one, and I like them very much.

This is a 2001 ST1100A. The previous one was a 1998 ST1100. I still have all the Wineberry plastic, in case I want to repair it, but I prefer the black.