Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Good News

I now have the bike at a shop next door and there is some good news as the fairing stay does not appear to be bent much if at all. There may be a broken tab or two but it seems on center to me. When the delivery company put redelivered to the local repair shop, they had put the mirrors back on and I wonder if they might have given the front upper fairing a bit of a push. If they did, they may have been successful.

It also started right up and sounded like it was firing on four cylinders.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What happened to the nice ST1100A?

Scroll down to the reddish bike to see it as it was before it was picked up. I have a black one that does not have ABS and had hoped to replace it with this newer one for obvious safety reasons. Now that it has had damage, I wonder if its safety features have been compromised.

Well, nice try anyway, but this one never got off the truck. So smashed. Not even rollable by the driver because the steering was damaged. The second picture in the series was taken just as the helper lifted the bike off the floor of the truck - I wasn't fast enough on the trigger to catch it on its side - I think I was too shocked.

I could not get a whole view while it was in the truck. What I can see is fairing damage, the top case appears twisted, the side cases are marked, both mirrors and the place where they attach to the fairing are broken, the windshield and upper fairing is broken, the master cylinder and brake handle is broken, the handlebars are bent, the "tank" (shelter cover) is marked where the bars hit it, the tipover wings appear to be cracked. the side panels are damaged, the clutch cylinder and lever is bent, and worst of all, the whole fairing appears to be cocked to one side.

I can see ties at the rear, but they were not attached to the right rear peg, so I don't know where they were tied to. The front ties chafed the plastic and also appear to have pulled the fairing forward which can be seen by the gap between the fairing and the shelter cover, and side panels.

The driver was nice and also apologetic - she said she couldn't steer the bike to get it off and I can see why in the pictures.