Sunday, October 26, 2008

Di Blasi Folding Scooter

A Di Blasi moped minus the variator. This will be the basis for the high performance folding motorcycle prototype. The idea is to have a light (under 80 pound) foldable, street legal motorcycle with good brakes, lights and enough power to go 40 MPH with me on it. I may start off with the stock 50cc 2 stroke engine, but will probably put in a 100cc or bigger engine, if I can get one to fit.

The odometer shows less than 150 miles and not sure what to make of that, but the engine has great compression and feels smooth and good when kicked over. Some of the switches seem a bit crummy, and the paint is obviously less than perfect.

Here is an article about getting some more power from the little 50cc engine.

Here is a link to the parts for this wheeled curiosity.

This thing is neat!

Here is a video of the missing variator and pulley