Sunday, March 04, 2012

Giant Steam Engine Water Pump Chestnut Hill 1973 Waterworks predates Steampunk by a century

You might wonder, why such a a long title? That's so people can find this image when they search for steam engines, The Chestnut Hill Waterworks, which is now a museum, open to the public, and steam punk, a term that has arisen to describe the long standing interest in the style and application of steam age technology and esthetics to modern life. It truly is wonderful and amazing. This photograph was taken in 1973 by me at the Chestnut Hill Water Works, and the film was developed decades later.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Starting a BMW E38 740i after changing the battery lockout alarm

If you have replaced the battery in your BMW and now it won't start, try this

Get in the car and close the door

Insert and rotate the ignition key three times

Remove the key, get out of the car, and close the door

Walk away from the car, with the key, for ten minutes. I do not know how far, but in our case, 50 feet was enough.

After 10 minutes, get back in, close the door, and start the car. Things should be back to normal.

This procedure worked on my 1997 E38 740i after we had the battery disconnected overnight while changing the heater blower.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

ST1100 cases and other plastic $500 plus shipping via UPS

 I'm selling these red cases and along the way the two other pieces of plastic, if you need those two.

Primarily this is a sale of two matched cases, no cracks, decent paint and one has a repaired tang that has been carefully reshaped to lock well and has been tested on my ST1100.

If you click on the last image, you can see the tang close up, in the lower right of the image.

These are a PIA to pack and ship and UPS costs money so if you are in the area please get in touch and save yourself some money. Location: Ashland MA during business hours.

$500 is the price asked.  Just think of how cool these look on a black ST1100, like mine or of course on your red ST.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Does the Laminar Lip fit my 2001 ST1100a?

This is the second ST1100 I've owned (and the third windscreen) and so far, they've all been the same. Now I wonder if what I have is something weird or not. I've never seen another ST1100 with a different Honda cats eye screen, and my parts book only shows this one for 2001.  I'm afraid the Laminar Lip is a bit narrow, eh? Click on the images to enlarge them.

What do you think? It looks like a stretch to me, and it takes quite a bit of force to shape the Lip to my screen, but it does conform, albeit with a lot of strain on it.

Others agree this is a stock shield link here, scroll down to the bottom of the thread.

Monday, March 08, 2010

First nice day of 2010

Leaf Blower, E38, E46 and the tail end of an ST1100

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Motorcycles, Film, and Microphones

This blog is mainly, but not always, concerned with motorcycles. As you can see there are some "other" postings here.

If you are looking for my microphone blog, which morphed into a 650 post multi year Epic Blog, see

If you are looking for info on the film project involving large format cameras such as view cameras and Speed Graphics fitted with Aero Ektars or Xenotar f2.8s,  and feeding them with a convenient, field-processable negative material that we are trying to make, see

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Still Actors

"Still Actor" is the term used here to describe something more than a model.  It would be, as the name suggests, an actor for still images.  The implication is that Still Actor relies upon more skill, when done well, than "just a model".  Though there are wonderful models who are also actors, and therefore Still Actors by definition, Still Actors may favor non-moving, silent forms of acting for artistic reasons.  Still Acting may have its own methods and meanings, requiring additional skills beyond striking a pose, and holding it.  Still Acting is primarily used in conjunction with some form of optical image, such as photography. The intersection of portraiture and Still Acting might involve the interpretation of the person through single or serial still images, and various motives, themes, emotions, intentions and complex meanings can be developed by skilled Still Actors.

In commerce and advertising, Still Acting in photographs may attempt to convey meanings that motivate potential customers to favor a specific product, or service.  Still Actors have been involved in certain street  and gallery performances where the contrast between the normal movement of persons in a place stands out against the motionless Still Actor.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Not wanting the distraction of GPS, but needing to know my heading, I did the usual trick of adding a boat compass. With no where to mount it besides above the headlamp, I tried it there and couldn't be more pleased. I may not know where I am, but at least I know which way I am pointing.

Pennyfarthing II

This is the once red ST that you see below, all put back together. It is almost as if I kept the original Pennyfarthing and swapped out the undersides. There is a bit a truth to that: The seat, the shelter and the top case are all from the old Pennyfarthing. The rest of the plastic is all new, paid for by the insurance claim after JC Motors dropped the bike in transport. If you look closely you can see the reason I went to all the trouble.

I have to say that the three-pot ABS makes all the difference in feel and stopping ease. I like the linked brakes very much, and after many practice stops, believe I can now confidently stop much faster than with the old two-pot standard brakes. Rear dragging around sharp slow corners doesn't seem to have suffered at all. Click on the image for a closer view, also notice the compass protruding from above the headlamp. Brand new Avon Storms on this one, and I like them very much.

This is a 2001 ST1100A. The previous one was a 1998 ST1100. I still have all the Wineberry plastic, in case I want to repair it, but I prefer the black.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ST1100 Corbin Smuggler for sale on ebay

More pictures on ebay or follow this link

These were sold on ebay and are now on another ST in Canada.

Friday, April 03, 2009

ST1100 engine cutaway illustration

It's nice to imagine all the parts going up and down and around, and staying nice and shiny and clean. Wish my BMW had the transmission inside the engine too.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

LifeSafer Interlock and more

We're fortunate to have right next door a shop that has expertise in not only autos but auto electrical systems, motorcycles, snowmobiles and installation and servicing of alcohol interlock devices. These interlock devices save lives and careers by providing convenient monitoring of breath alcohol level on the vehicle.

Nickerson Road Auto Repair
(508) 881-4404
92 Nickerson Rd, Ashland, MA 01721

I see they have quite a good rating here.

They have worked on my BMW 7 series and installed a Zionsville Aluminum radiator and did a great job. Now they are putting the ST1100 back right, with proper black, stealthy bodywork. Nice!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

ST1100A Body Swap

The turning of a 2001 ST1100A into what will appear to be a 1998 is underway. I just could not live with Wineberry Red. No matter how much I tried to convince myself that it was a fine color, the utter blackness of my ST1100 (no ABS) was clearly what I wanted. Stealthy, massive black, and little else.

So on with the project. Nickerson Rd Automotive in Ashland MA is right next door, and they keep my elderly BMW 740i going. I think they can deal with all the plastic bits you see here.

Many body parts on the floor

Stripped Bare!

ST1100 before disassembly